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Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates All Egyptians on Positive Turnout
Muslim Brotherhood Congratulates All Egyptians on Positive Turnout
Egypt Brotherhood leader Karem Radwan congratulates the Egyptian people on their determination and resolve, their patriotism and awareness, and their vision for their country at this critical phase of its history.
Saturday, December 15,2012 18:44

Karem Radwan, head of the Muslim Brotherhood administrative office in central and south Cairo, congratulated the masses of Egyptian people who positively participated Saturday in the referendum on the new Constitution. He stressed that the preliminary results indicate a definite "Yes" vote.

Radwan pointed that the Egyptian people are still making history, with the highest rates of progress and awareness of the real situation in their homeland, and that they still strive for the advancement of their homeland without further delay.

The Brotherhood leader also denounced opposition statements describing the Egyptian people as illiterate and ignorant. He stressed that “the people of Egypt have always been makers of civilizations, and that no-one, individual or entity, is entitled to insult or underrate our people”.

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