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Egypt Constituent Assembly Rejects as False Rumors Regarding Arabization of Education
Egypt Constituent Assembly Rejects as False Rumors Regarding Arabization of Education
Charter-writing committee refutes rumors that new Constitution article about Arabization of education means end of language schools and colleges across Egypt.
Saturday, December 15,2012 09:32

Beguiling rumors are being circulated, claiming that Egypt’s draft Constitution provides for the abolition of teaching foreign languages in schools and universities, and that it would lead to closure of language schools.


The Constituent Assembly, which wrote the country’s new national charter, assures that this is not true at all. It affirms that the article that mentions State Arabization of education and science refers to a long-term goal which will be achieved by setting in motion a translation movement and will provide access to modern science for all Egyptians in Arabic.


Thus, Egypt can be productive in modern science. This article has nothing to do with teaching foreign languages or language schools and colleges.

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