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Egypt Coptic Leaders Meet Brotherhood and FJP for Dialogue, Call for Unity and Community Care
Egypt Coptic Leaders Meet Brotherhood and FJP for Dialogue, Call for Unity and Community Care
Priests representing Egypt’s churches meet with Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party; affirm that unity and solving problems between Muslims and Christians are the most important goals for the near future.
Monday, October 29,2012 20:34

Several delegations of priests in the north and south of Cairo visited Muslim Brotherhood and Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) headquarters offering Adha Eid congratulations and consultation on the current situation in Beheira, north of Cairo.

A delegation of priests from a number of Beheira churches visited Muslim Brotherhood headquarters in Kafr Dawar to share Eid celebrations with the group and its political arm the FJP.

The two sides discussed the need to unite the Egyptian people, Muslims and Christians, to serve the interests of the nation, and to stay away from anything that causes strife and sedition.

In Beheira, the priests’ delegation was received by Zakaria Ganayni, member of the Shura Council; Dr. Mahdi Qarsham, member of People’s Assembly; Ali Suleiman, Muslim Brotherhood leader in Kafr Dawar.

In Beni Suef, south of Egypt, a Christian delegation visited FJP headquarters there. The delegation included Father Basilius, Bishop of Saint Paul Monastery; Father Pham Antonine, Bishop of Saint Anthony Monastery; Father Bakhoum Attia, of Saint George Church; Father Paulos Fahmy, of the Coptic Catholic Church; Reverend Stephenos Soleiman, priest of Beni Suef Diocese; and Dr. Tarek Safwat, Coptic founder-member of the Freedom and Justice Party.

They were met by Dr. Abdul-Alim Tolba, representing the Muslim Brotherhood’s Administrative Office; Mohamed Abdullah and Badr Marzouk, members of the FJP Secretariat; and Mohamed Abdul-Rahman Almodir, FJP manager.

The meetings discussed the need for activating citizenship, non-discrimination and addressing the problems that occur between the two poles of the nation, through constructive dialogue, which is the gateway to permanent solutions. Attendees also called for all parties to unite their efforts, for the advancement of Egypt.

For his part, Reverend Aremiah Abdu, pastor of Mary Mina Church in the Beni Suef area, said that Christians love their homeland and always extend their hands in peace, "There will be no effective dialogue, until they feel safe and secure next to their Muslim neighbors.

"All Egyptians need to communicate, get together and unite. So, I call on the Muslim Brotherhood to move to solve the problems of the churches and settle differences between Muslims and Christians, to prevent aggravation which may well cause sectarian strife, especially in villages of the seven administrative centers of the province."


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