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Minister of Planning: Egypt's National Income Doubles Within Ten Years
Minister of Planning: Egypt's National Income Doubles Within Ten Years
Egyptian Minister of Planning reveals new strategy aimed at using the country’s human and natural resources prudently to double national income by 2022.
Monday, August 20,2012 08:32

 Egypt’s Minister of Planning and International Cooperation Ashraf Arabi announced that a draft plan has been completed for an effective strategy to double national income within the next ten years – in the period from 2012 to 2022. This will be ready for release for public review in the next few weeks.

In a press statement to news agency MENA, Arabi said the ministry, assisted by a special team of Japanese experts, drew up the strategy to serve as a guiding framework and reference to be consulted in the development of detailed plans for each phase during that period.

"This strategy will be a general Egyptian reference for plans and projects that we aim to achieve, not tied to any specific government being in power, so that any government can complete what has been started."

Arabi further pointed that the proposed 10-year development plan aims to boost growth potential to reach the highest levels possible and to double national income within a period of ten years.

"Moreover, it aims to achieve full employment, providing a sufficient number of jobs with decent wages for the rapidly growing labor force, and transforming the resources-based economy to an economy based on advanced technologies and knowledge, which will help preserve the environment.

"It also aims to increase the state’s welfare capacity through a participatory approach based on the development of a new method of planning, and in particular a method to set strategic vision and scope, and through proposed institutional changes to support and enhance the effectiveness of the planning system in Egypt."

The Minister of Planning also pointed that the strategy is based on achieving objectives by executing programs, initiatives and projects developed through constant, daily interaction between state institutions and the private sector in accordance with the prevailing legislative frameworks and substantive considerations determined by available resources and the state budget.
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