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Abdel-Maksoud: Prosecutors Identify Criminals Involved in Torching Brotherhood Headquarters
Abdel-Maksoud: Prosecutors Identify Criminals Involved in Torching Brotherhood Headquarters
As dubious Mubarak-affiliated parties incite violent attacks, arson and destruction of Brotherhood headquarters across Egypt, the country’s public prosecution service is closing-in on criminals who have already responded with arson attacks.
Sunday, August 12,2012 15:28

Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, said that the Egyptian public prosecutor is continuing investigations into calls to violence and vandalism by certain parties and individuals, some of which have already resulted in arson attacks.

The Brotherhood’s lawyer further noted that the prosecution has identified some criminals who actually did take part in recent violent acts.

In a statement to the Freedom and Justice Newspaper, Abdel-Maksoud, said: "The only way the Muslim Brotherhood will respond to those tendentious calls is through the rule of law. Indeed, President Morsi is endeavoring to establish a State of law and order."

Abdel-Maksoud described the calls by certain parties for demonstrations against the Brotherhood as ‘a failure right from the outset’, pointing that they have already been rejected by the Egyptian street, which refused to interact with them in any way.

Abdel-Maksoud stressed that these agitators aim to implement agendas far from the interests of the homeland.

"Those fickle individuals who claim to be ‘sons of the revolution’ have proven their staunch loyalty to the former regime which plundered the country and destroyed the future of its citizens. What they’re desperately trying to do now, in fact, is wage a dirty heinous war to reincarnate the old repressive regime.

Moreover, Abdel-Maksoud said that the purpose of these calls is to cover up certain parties’ total political bankruptcy, adding that those parties cannot find any way to engage or interact with people, or to get seriously involved in productive public work, so they focus their efforts only on attacking and vilifying the Brotherhood.

"They’ve even called for a million-man march, on August 24, during which – they threaten – they will burn FJP headquarters across Egypt and attempt to overthrow President Mohamed Morsi, who has just been elected in the country’s first ever free and democratic presidential elections."
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