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Legal Action Called Against Instigators of Violence
Legal Action Called Against Instigators of Violence
Muslim Brotherhood lawyer demands forceful legal action to stop former regime loyalists inciting violent attacks, arson and destruction of offices of the Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party across Egypt.
Monday, August 6,2012 08:05

 Abdel-Moneim Abdel-Maksoud, Muslim Brotherhood lawyer, denounced Egypt’s public prosecutor delay in the investigation of formal complaints against certain individuals who have been relentlessly spreading unfounded lies and instigating violent acts against the Muslim Brotherhood and its political wing – the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).


"These old regime stalwarts have declared a bitter, dirty and desperate war, inciting the masses to acts of violence against the Brotherhood and the FJP."


In a press statement, Abdel-Maksoud further pointed that the prosecutor’s exceedingly slow approach towards this issue emboldened those reactionary forces in mobilizing masses of misled citizens, inspiring some to carry out acts of bullying and brutality, vandalism and wanton destruction, ultimately torching FJP headquarters in Agoza and Al-Haram (Cairo) and attacking Brotherhood headquarters in Heliopolis.


"They even called for a million-man march, on August 24, during which – they threatened – they will burn FJP headquarters across Egypt and attempt to overthrow President Mohamed Morsi, who has just been elected in the country’s first ever free and democratic presidential elections."


The Brotherhood’s lawyer further pointed that these stalwarts represent a serious threat to the rule of law, as they impede and undermine the process of democratic transition taking place in Egypt, and endeavor to replicate the corrupt former regime, taking advantage of some of the crises facing the nation, which the President and his government are working tirelessly to resolve as soon as possible.


"We’re taking legal action to prosecute those aiding and abetting, and even personally committing, criminal acts against the people and the homeland. They deceive the nation in the name of democracy, working to spread discord, unrest and vandalism in various parts of the country.


"Where were these all when the former regime faked and reversed the will of the people and spread corruption and tyranny in full view of everyone? Did any of them dare to criticize the policies of the former regime which deprived them all of the right to freedom of opinion and expression?"


Abdel-Maksoud stressed that these agitators endeavor to implement agendas far from the interests of the homeland.


"Those fickle individuals who claim to be ‘sons of the revolution’ have proven their staunch loyalty to the former regime which plundered the country and destroyed the future of its children. What they’re desperately trying to do now, in fact, is wage a dirty heinous war to reincarnate the old repressive regime.


"In order to preserve the authority and sovereignty of the state and to uphold the rule of law, I call upon the Minister of the Interior to urgently take appropriate security measures to protect all Muslim Brotherhood and FJP headquarters across Egypt against any attacks.


"I also call upon the Minister of Justice to assign a judge to investigate the facts and consider charges made against these agitators, so they would stop inciting violence, strife and unrest throughout the country, thus disrupting the march of the revolution and destroying the whole democratic process, already started by the Egyptian people, who yearn for freedom, democracy and human dignity."

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