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Politicians and Executives: 'Clean Homeland' Directed Entire Society Towards National Work
Politicians and Executives: 'Clean Homeland' Directed Entire Society Towards National Work
Political and social actors on the Egyptian scene hail President Morsi’s Clean Homeland initiative as a project that united the whole nation, Muslims and Christians, politicians and ordinary citizens, in a collaborative patriotic effort.
Sunday, July 29,2012 06:18

A number of politicians and executives lauded the positive atmosphere that accompanied the implementation of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi’s Clean Homeland initiative, stressing that the initiative transcended ideology and united Egyptians towards national action.

hey suggested that such initiatives and campaigns should be organized regularly to eliminate all the challenges facing Egyptians, especially the five priorities in the President’s First 100-Day program.


During an interview in the TV program ‘Hona Al-Assima’ on the satellite channel CBC, Al-Mohammadi Abdel-Maksoud, coordinator of the Clean Homeland campaign, said: "The initiative has been launched in the month of Muslim fasting: Ramadan, to point that it is the month of hard work and action.
"This initiative has moved the entire society, on a community level, into action. And through it, the will of the President and the people converged, to promptly solve public problems that do not require much money to tackle, but do require a strong will."
Abdel-Maksoud pointed that the initiative has produced a homogeneous system of work among all segments of the Egyptian public, from civil society and executive bodies to companies and factories.
He further added that the whole nation worked to achieve success, triumph of one united will, the will of the people who want to live in a clean homeland.
"Everyone was suffering from accumulations of the past. There were more than 1680 trash-pile points besieging Cairo. We removed 1400 of these ‘pile points’ on the first day of the campaign alone, which is a great achievement. A president needs the support of his people, just as the people need wise leadership willing to work to fulfill the needs and meet the demands of the people.
"The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) is cooperating with representatives from across the societal and executive spectrum in Egypt. The FJP has set up a large operations-room in Cairo. There is a clear vision, within the FJP, for reforming the street-cleaning and garbage-collection system, to solve the problems of public hygiene and cleaning companies, as well as reviewing contracts and their terms."
On the same subject, Hafiz Saeed, head of the Cairo Cleansing and Beautification Authority (CCBA), said that President Mohamed Morsi’s Clean Homeland initiative mobilized the entire community to solve the neglected problem of waste-management that Egypt had been suffering for so long.
Saeed affirmed that the initiative is a golden opportunity for everyone to come together and cooperate on a single, uniting project. “This is the beginning to realizing Egyptians’ dream of living in a clean homeland, free of trash, with the assistance of all executive and civil authorities, as well as the people themselves.
"There are obstacles facing this work, involving equipment and vehicles. Equipment is an essential element in the work. We have already requested this equipment, and raised cleaners’ salaries."
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