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Broad Consensus Achieved in Constitution-Writing Panel Working Committees
Broad Consensus Achieved in Constitution-Writing Panel Working Committees
Egypt’s constituent assembly tasked with writing the country’s new national charter is approaching the end of final wording stage in an atmosphere of harmony between the various committees at work.
Friday, July 27,2012 13:39

Dr. Farid Ismail, a member of the Constituent Assembly (CA), affirmed that the CA has heard suggestions from more than 14 provinces across Egypt, in addition to views and suggestions from Egyptians abroad.

Dr. Ismail pointed that most of the CA’s committees completed the initial wording of most articles, except for the System of Governance Committee, which continues its consultations, and is expected to complete its work within two weeks.

He further stressed that on August 4, the CA will start a vote on the final versions of the articles in the order of the chapters in the Constitution, pointing out that the Drafting Committee is to submit and edit the CA’s final wording until it is satisfactory for all.

Dr. Ismail said that all talk about the amendment of Article 2 is totally unfounded, adding that the final version of the article approved by the Basic Components Committee, as published in mass media, is indeed the final version of that article.

He added, "The CA has completed the drafting of 15 articles in their semi-final versions. Discussion of the articles relating to the President completing his term in office, and elected institutions completing the terms for which they are elected, will begin soon.

"The Committee on the Judiciary has completed the drafting of 15 articles, which are all the articles relating to judicial matters in the new constitution. The issue of ‘transitional justice' will be considered within the chapter on the judiciary."

Speaking on the same subject, Dr. Ahmed Diab, member of the CA and member of the Freedom and Justice Party’s Executive Office, affirmed that the CA’s committees are nearing completion of the basic structure of the new constitution.

"Many articles have been completely written, including the definition of the state, Article 2, the article on founding political parties by simple notification, and the economic fundamentals article.

"Issues relating to ethics within the Constitution have also been discussed. The vast majority of CA members agreed upon the articles so far discussed."
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