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Adviser to the President: New Committee is Formed to Re-Investigate Killing of Revolutionaries
Adviser to the President: New Committee is Formed to Re-Investigate Killing of Revolutionaries
For his first 100 days in office, Dr. Morsi, Egypt’s first democratically elected president, has a long list of important, even crucial, tasks to go through; and he is certainly wasting no time.
Friday, July 6,2012 16:30

Justice Mohamed Fouad Gadalla, Advisor to Egypt’s new President for legal and constitutional affairs, has announced that, "A committee will be formed to gather information and evidence, on killers of martyrs of the revolution, and those who injured and maimed peaceful demonstrators, in all the events and incidents that took place in Egypt from January 25 until the handover of power.

"This committee will be headed by a senior judge, and will comprise a number of public figures, known patriots  and agreed upon by all parties."

In a statement to Shorouk newspaper, Gadalla said: "President Morsi seeks to implement his first-100-day program positively, and my role is to highlight the most important issues of concern to the majority of Egyptian people, such as the problems of political prisoners and civilians prosecuted before military courts, as well as revolutionaries who were tried by ordinary courts.

"These are the problems that the new committee is formed to deal with and solve. The President will issue a pardon for detainees who evidently suffered injustice."

Gadalla further added, "The president now is looking into legal questions on how to ensure police officers are able to exercise their duties, without violating the rights of individuals.

"With regard to the Supplementary Constitutional Declaration, all options are on the table, for the president. The same applies with regard to the implementation of the Supreme Constitutional Court ruling to dissolve the People’s Assembly. The President will make his decisions shortly, in the best interest of the homeland and the people."

Gadalla is the Vice-Chairman of the State Council, and member of the Contracts Court of Administrative Justice, and member of the current Constituent Assembly entrusted with drafting Egypt’s new national charter. He is also one of the founders of the Board of Trustees of the Revolution and one of its honorary members.

He also participated in the writing of the first statement of the revolution, announced on February 11, 2011 and worked for a number of weeks as legal adviser to former Prime Minister Essam Sharaf.

Previously, Gadalla was referred to judicial inspection, because of his involvement in the events of the January 25 revolution and joining protests in Tahrir Square. But then Justice Mohamed Abdel-Ghani, Chairman of the State Council at the time, changed his mind, after objections from the majority of judges, agreeing that judges are an integral part of the fabric of Egyptian society.

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