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Beltagy: Extended Dialogue Among Revolutionary Forces for Real All-Embracing Partnership
Beltagy: Extended Dialogue Among Revolutionary Forces for Real All-Embracing Partnership
Freedom and Justice party reaches out to all parties, groups and movements across Egypt’s revolutionary and political spectrum, seeking a powerful broad alliance in the face of tyrannical forces of dark bygone times.
Friday, June 22,2012 09:39

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, member of the General Committee of the People’s Assembly and member of the Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice party (FJP), affirmed that the party continues to consult with all Egyptian parties and stakeholders to achieve national harmony over a strong consensus initiative with positive participation of all political and revolutionary players, and in which all social factions and denominations will contribute to the shaping and development of key features.

Dr. Beltagy pointed out that all revolutionary groups and movements have serious doubts regarding the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF)’s departure from the agreed path of power handover, as evident in its declaration of a constitutional monopoly on all state power.

He further said that all stakeholders have agreed to continue to call for revolutionary action, until usurped legitimacy is restored where it belongs, and the Constituent Assembly is allowed to resume its work.

Dr. Beltagy assured that all-embracing dialogue with political parties, groups and movements seeks to establish a true national partnership to translate the promises made by Dr. Mohamed Morsi, in his presidential platform, on the ground – both with regard to the formation of a presidential institution that reflects all Egypt’s political, revolutionary and social spectra, and an Egyptian government that includes all the political variety and patriotic technocrats, in order to implement Nahda (Renaissance) Project all Egyptians dream of.
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