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Erian: Military Police Arrest Powers Decision Falls Under Parliament Oversight
Erian: Military Police Arrest Powers Decision Falls Under Parliament Oversight
While Egypt’s Minister of Justice suddenly announces he is to empower military and intelligence police officers to arrest civilians, the FJP promptly announces that his decision is subject to parliamentary oversight.
Wednesday, June 13,2012 17:11

Dr. Essam El-Erian, Vice Chairman of the Freedom and Justice Party and chairman of the Foreign Relations Committee of the People’s Assembly (lower house of Egyptian parliament), assured that the Minister of Justice’s decision to grant military police and intelligence officers power to arrest and detain civilians will be subject to parliamentary oversight in two ways.

The first relates to the Minister of Justice’s eligibility to issue such a decision and whether parliament can reject it.

In a press statement, Erian said that the second aspect of oversight relates to Parliament’s supervision of the implementation of the decision, so as not to allow this power to exceed its legal and constitutional scopes.

Dr. Erian further affirmed that the Egyptian people sacrificed their lives and livelihoods in the January 25 revolution in order to get rid of injustice, corruption, repression, tyranny and suppression of freedoms, which they will not accept in their homeland ever again.

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