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Political Parties and Groups Reach Consensus on Constitution-Writing Panel Composition
Political Parties and Groups Reach Consensus on Constitution-Writing Panel Composition
After a week-long discussion, political party leaders reach deal for the make-up of the constituent panel tasked with drafting Egypt’s new national charter.
Friday, June 8,2012 12:37

Egypt’s political parties and movements announced agreement on the criteria for formation of the constituent committee that will author the Constitution, during a meeting at the headquarters of the New Wafd Party.

The agreement came after marathon negotiations that lasted approximately eight hours, from eight o'clock on Wednesday evening, until Thursday morning, with positive participation of all political groups and parties, including the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP).

Dr. Sayed Badawi, Chairman of the Wafd party, explained that that the formation of the Constituent Assembly (CA) is as follows:

First: 15 members from jurists and the judiciary (5) and law scholars and experts (10)

Second: 9 members from religious institutions, Al-Azhar (5) and the Church (4)

Third: 6 members from specialized federations

Fourth: 3 members from the executive branch, the police, the army and the Cabinet

Fifth: 7 members from trade unions

Sixth: 39 members from ten political parties

Seventh: 21 members from amongst public figures

The full formation of the CA is to general take into account offering adequate representation of women, youth and Copts.

Meanwhile, Dr. Osama Yassin, Chairman of the Youth Committee at the People's Assembly and member of the FJP, affirmed that the FJP made a great effort to communicate with other political parties and groups, in order to produce this agreement.

“We are mindful that no party should interfere with any other party with regard to the mechanism they use to choose their representatives in the CA.”

Yassin further affirmed that the FJP made every effort to reach consensus, saying: “For example, we held daily meetings, for a whole week, with all parties, groups and movements.

“Discussions led us to a reassuring model that ensures a constitution in which all components and denominations of Egyptian society will be represented.”

The Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) had given ‘an ultimatum’ to political parties to agree on criteria for formation of the CA by Thursday afternoon. MP Abdul-Moneim El-Sawy commented on this, saying: “SCAF has no right to give ultimatums”.

The meeting was attended by: Farid Ismail, Osama Yassin and Ahmed Diab for the FJP; Mr. Badawi, Wafd Party Chairman; Safwat Abdel Ghani, Construction and Development Party Chairman; Dr. Ayman Nour, Ghadd Althawra Party Chairman; Mohamed Abul-Ghar, Emad Gad, Ziad Bahaa El-Din and Farid Zahran, for the Egyptian Social Democratic Party; Abul Ela Mady, Wassat Party Chairman; Ahmed Saeed, Ahmed Khairy and Mohamed Naseer, for the Liberal Free Egyptians Party, Sayed Khalifa, for the Nour Party; Waheed Abdul-Majeed, General Coordinator of the Democratic Alliance; and Mohamed Mahsoob, Professor of Law.

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