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Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Shocking Verdict in Martyr Killers’ Case
Freedom and Justice Party Statement on Shocking Verdict in Martyr Killers’ Case
FJP urges all the noble people of Egypt to maintain the peaceful nature of their protests despite their great anger and frustration at the absurd ruling issued by court earlier today in the case against Mubarak and his cronies.
Saturday, June 2,2012 20:13

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) affirms that it is utterly shocked and dismayed at the absurd sentences passed today, Saturday June 2, in the major case against the ousted president Hosni Mubarak, his two sons, his interior minister Habib Al-Adli and six of his top aides as well as the fugitive businessman Hussein Salem, where they stand accused of killing 850 demonstrators, profiteering and abuse of power.

The FJP further affirms that the competent investigation authorities had not presented damning evidence against Mubarak, his sons and his senior officials, which ultimately led to today’s shocking ruling.

This means that the trial of Mubarak and his regime for political crimes has not yet started. This requires relevant authorities and stakeholders to work on a fair re-trial of the culprits, with real and strong evidence that shall enable the court to issue just verdicts that should be a powerful deterrent and a great triumph for the Egyptian people.

The FJP asserts that the judgment claiming Mubarak, his sons and businessman Hussein Salem’s innocence of charges of profiteering, and announcing Habib Al-Adli’s men innocent of the charges of killing demonstrators was shocking to the Egyptian people, who will not rest until they gain retribution for the families of the martyrs and the injured and victory for this dear homeland.

Further, the FJP assures that it will endeavor to cooperate with all revolutionary and political players and stakeholders in order to work together for specific objectives: to complete the march of the revolution, exact retribution for the martyrs and the injured, and dismantle remaining elements of the old system which lurks in the dark, weighing heavily on the shoulders of the Egyptian people and even desperately attempting a comeback – to take revenge on the revolution and the revolutionaries.

The FJP will strive to coordinate with all political players and revolutionary movements in order to keep this goal alive in every lawful way and by every peaceful means.

Freedom and Justice Party

Cairo: June 2, 2012

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