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Press Release No. 12 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign
Press Release No. 12 of Dr. Morsi Central Campaign
Cairo on Tuesday, May 29, 2012
Morsi’s presidential campaign pleads with media outlets to comply with basic professional principles of journalism and refrain from publishing or broadcasting as news unfounded fabricated fables from unreliable sources.
Tuesday, May 29,2012 08:18

Presidential candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s campaign managers express their sincere thanks and deep appreciation and gratitude to the great Egyptian people who gave us their confidence and put our candidate in the first place among contenders in the presidential race.

According to the announcement made by the Supreme Presidential Elections Committee (SPEC), the final overall vote count of our candidate, from all 27 provinces of Egypt, amounted to 5,764,952 votes (five million, seven hundred and sixty-four thousand, and fifty-two votes), although the electoral process was marred by some violations and irregularities.

Thus, the official result revealed that Dr. Morsi will face a runoff against former regime hangovers.

Further, some media outlets reported that protesters burned down the headquarters of presidential candidate Ahmed Shafiq’s campaign in Dokki. A number of these media outlets claim that the burning the headquarters was carried out by the electoral campaigns of presidential candidates Mohamed Morsi and Hamdeen Sabbahi. In fact, the campaign declares that it had nothing to do with what happened to Shafiq’ s campaign headquarters in any way whatsoever.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi will hold a press conference later today, Tuesday - May 29, 2012 at 12 noon at the Radisson Blu Hotel Masakin Sheraton. In this conference, Dr. Morsi will present his vision for the next stage and how honorable partners of the homeland – of all leanings and orientations – can take part in it.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s campaign calls on all citizens to avoid malicious rumors designed to undermine the revolution and vilify its symbols in order to frustrate the people and lead some into the heinous clutches of the counter-revolution, dragging the country back to the darkness, repression and despotism of the corrupt former regime.

Finally, the campaign calls on media outlets to commit to values of accuracy when reporting or publishing anything about the campaign of Dr. Morsi. We ask them to please contact the campaign media and information center, instead of publishing or reporting any news from dubious or untrustworthy sources.
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