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Morsi Central Campaign Press Release
Morsi Central Campaign Press Release
Nationwide vote-counting goes on, although 25 out of 27 provinces of Egypt have already announced results that leave the people with a stark choice of either Dr. Morsi, with a total revival and rejuvenation program, or Mubarak’s last PM, with a history and philosophy harking to that loathsome Mubarak era.
Friday, May 25,2012 22:16

Dr. Mohamed Morsi’s presidential campaign confirms that its candidate is the leader of Egypt’s presidential race and is preparing to contest the run-off in the same strong spirit that led to Dr. Morsi taking that leading position.

The campaign will now move forth, together with all national forces and stakeholders, as well as all the masses of the Egyptian people to fulfill the main goals of the revolution: building a new political, economic and social system in Egypt after completely eliminating vestiges of the corrupt former regime with all its repressive, authoritarian and despotic policies that led to the oppression, humiliation and impoverishment of the Egyptians as the regimes’ comrades and cronies looted the wealth of the country and deprived the people of their rights and freedoms.

Dr. Morsi’s campaign will announce its plans for the run-off at the press conference to be convened by 9:00PM (7PM GMT) – this evening – at its headquarters in Mansour Street.

This conference will be attended by leaders of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Dr. Morsi’s campaign. Please note that any individual's comments about the next phase are only personal views of their respective owners and do not represent the campaign’s official discourse.


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