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Dr. Morsi in Sufi Orders Meeting: the Ruler is Meant to Serve the People
Dr. Morsi in Sufi Orders Meeting: the Ruler is Meant to Serve the People
Talking to Sufi leaders about his electoral program, the Brotherhood’s presidential nominee – who is also the Chairman of the Freedom and Justice party – details Nahda project, its objectives and how it integrates and applies Islamic reference in the fabric of a fully comprehensive revitalization of Egypt.
Friday, May 18,2012 15:48

During a meeting with the Supreme Council of Sufi Orders, Tuesday afternoon, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the presidential candidate, said: "We hope Egyptians are all united and all faithful men and women close ranks", expressing his respect for all religious doctrines, orders and denominations.

He affirmed that most Egyptians are keen to have Islamic reference in society. He added that exacting fair punishment for the killers of the martyrs is of paramount importance.

Dr. Morsi further pointed that, "A nation cannot rise when freedom is not enjoyed by all", and that it is impossible to imagine a nation without justice, stressing that, "Islam commands us to be just, and to apply the principles of equality and freedom for all.

"Islam also commands us to work hard and conscientiously – in all areas and domains, and to persevere. There is no coercion with regard to anything, in Islam, from issues of faith to all things humans can do, all within the boundaries of the laws governing the State.”

He added that, "The State established by Islam is a civil State. Meanwhile, democracy leads to Shura (consultation), which is the basis and one of the fundamentals of Islamic reference.

"Islam has two main aspects: an individual's relationship with his or her God and an individual's relationship with his or her society, the state and others.

Dr. Morsi said that most of the problems we are experiencing are the result of a moral and behavioral crisis, and that most people forget that they will be held accountable for their actions.

He assured that those who work hard, conscientiously, will certainly be rewarded with well-deserved success.

He stressed that, "Islam commands us to prepare well and be fully ready for war – to deter enemies and prevent war. It teaches us to watch out for enemies".

On the issue of citizenship, Dr. Morsi further assured that no citizen is better than another before the law, and that all Egyptians will enjoy their full rights and freedoms.

Dr. Morsi also pointed out that the ruler is an employee of the people; he does not oppress the citizens; and he does not turn into a despotic tyrant. He assured that non-Muslims will have full rights, just like their fellow Muslims.

Furthermore, he stressed that the homeland is facing numerous problems and that the Brotherhood believes those problems and crises will not be resolved except through Nahda Project.

"If the Brothers fail to stand by their homeland, Egypt, and protect the nation, they will be held accountable."

Moreover, Dr. Morsi explained that that the Brotherhood has been developing Nahda Project since 1987, with an eye to a total rejuvenation of Egypt. He affirmed that the Brotherhood has absolutely no private purposes or special agendas of any kind.

"Through Nahda Project, the Brotherhood seeks for Egypt agricultural, industrial, economic, scientific and technological progress, development and advancement. I urge everyone, especially people with expertise in their fields to study the project, so we can remove unfavorable or unworkable ideas, and add what works for the homeland, so we refine the details of the project to optimally serve everyone.
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