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Dr. Morsi Visits Industrial Area in Menoufia Province
Dr. Morsi Visits Industrial Area in Menoufia Province
The Brotherhood leader, Dr. Morsi, tours a major industrial area in Menoufia, Egypt, meets the managing director of one of the largest privately owned industrial groups in the country, and discusses the hopes and aspirations of workers.
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Tuesday, May 8,2012 07:38

Dr. Mohamed Morsi, the presidential candidate, visited the Industrial Area in Menoufia, Monday afternoon, and inspected the factories there, especially after the major fire that devastated one of the Toshiba Group factories in the area, and discussed the problems of workers.

Dr. Morsi was accompanied by Dr. Safwat Hegazy, a member of Islamic Legitimate Body of Rights and Reformation (ILBRR), and Dr. Mohamed Ali Bishr, member of the Muslim Brotherhood Guidance Bureau, as well as a number of MPs and party leaders from the province. They were met by Ibrahim El-Araby, Chairman of Toshiba El-Araby Group and members of the Board of Directors. Dr. Morsi took a tour of El-Araby factories where workers cordially welcomed him.

At the end of the visit, Dr. Morsi expressed his appreciation for El-Araby Group for the great efforts and achievement made there, stressing that they are such a major industrial power.

He further praised El-Araby Toshiba experience, expressing his hope it would be repeated many times in Egypt, adding that Egyptians have the knowledge, the know-how and expertise in all areas.

Moreover, Dr. Morsi praised the patriotic role El-Araby Toshiba Group plays by employing more than 17,000 workers, and the fact that it represents 1/1000 of the size of the private sector in Egypt. He learned from the group’s directors that it now seeks to employ to 180,000 workers.

He expressed his pleasure with the visit, stressing that he saw in this group great industrial integration, which indicates that Egypt has both management and labor skills and resources that can accomplish great achievements.

Dr. Mohamed Morsi said that the private sector has its special section in Nahda Project. He added that although the Muslim Brotherhood and the Freedom and Justice Party are not holders of capital, they can offer insights, ideas and suggestions in various areas. However, in the end, the real work is done, of course, by the Egyptian workers, who have proved their efficiency in all areas.

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