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Dr. Beltagy in Tahrir Square: We Seek National Harmony, Broad Consensus
Dr. Beltagy in Tahrir Square: We Seek National Harmony, Broad Consensus
Vowing to protect Egypt’s forthcoming presidential election from fraud, MP Beltagy urges all political parties and national groups and movements to unite and close ranks to face up to real and imminent dangers facing the revolution.
Saturday, April 21,2012 18:23

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy, MP and member of the Executive Office of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), delivered three strong messages seeking to save the revolution and fully achieve all its goals, in the "Power Handover" million-man demonstration.

Moreover, Dr. Beltagy underscored the importance of unity among the national parties, groups and movements, as it was in the first days of the revolution.

From the main stage in Tahrir Square, he said in his first message: "We have red lines that we will not allow anyone to cross, especially the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) and the remnants of the dissolved National Party".

Further, he mentioned that the most important of these red lines is the presidential elections set for May 23 and 24, and manipulation of the final list of presidential candidates to be announced on 26 April.

As for his second message, Dr. Beltagy called for establishing a state of national accord among all political and revolutionary parties and movements, to stand united in face of SCAF and the remnants.

In his third message, the esteemed MP pointed that it is imperative to press for peaceful confrontation of the remnants. Then, Dr. Beltagy chanted, "Neither Hosni, nor his regime... Neither Shafiq, nor Suleiman... One united national movement… Against SCAF and the remnants… Revolutionaries… Free... We will complete the march".


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