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Al-Shater Supports Dr. Morsi for Presidency and Protection of the Revolution
Al-Shater Supports Dr. Morsi for Presidency and Protection of the Revolution
Following his unjustified disqualification from the race to Egypt’s top job, front-runner Al-Shater hands the banner over to the FJP’s Dr. Morsi urging him to continue the march of the revolution.
Wednesday, April 18,2012 17:14

Muslim Brotherhood leading figure Khairat Al-Shater is to hold an press conference, Wednesday 18 April 2012, at half past twelve, in the Hotel "Radisson Blu" – in the Masaken Al-Sheraton district of Heliopolis.

In the conference, Al-Shater will reveal details of the plot that forced him out of the presidential race, his legal position with regard to that ruling, and his vision for the coming phase.

Earlier, in a conference held in Cairo’s Zawya Alhamra, Al-Shater stressed the importance of continuing to protect the revolution.

Al-Shater said: "We vow to defend the revolution and to overthrow the rest of Mubarak’s regime and to cleanse establishments and institutions that support the old order.

“We vow to stand together united in support our candidate Dr. Mohamed Morsi. And we vow to work hard to fight fraud and vote-buying.

“We vow to do all we can to expose all fraud and counter-revolution supporters in all establishments, institutions, biased media, all corrupt businessmen, authorities and foreign parties that endeavor to abort or subvert the revolution.

"We, the Egyptian people, Muslims and Copts alike, old and young, men and women and children, we vow to honor our pledge. And God is our Witness."

Further, Al-Shater affirmed that the decision to exclude him from the presidential race, despite his solid legal position, is clear evidence that the Mubarak regime is still at the helm.

In a recent post on his account with the social networking site Twitter, he said: “We will continue peaceful struggle to complete the revolution”.
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