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Statement: FJP to Participate in ‘Protect the Revolution’ Mass Protest, Friday April 13, 2012
Statement: FJP to Participate in ‘Protect the Revolution’ Mass Protest, Friday April 13, 2012
Translation of the Freedom and Justice Party’s statement on joining the million-man marches and demonstrations that should ultimately assemble in Egypt’s Tahrir Square, next Friday.
Thursday, April 12,2012 09:33

 The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) announced its intention to take part in "Protect the Revolution" million-man march on Friday April 13, 2012 with all Egypt’s revolutionaries, youth, partisan and popular movements, coalitions and stakeholders.

This comes as a response to insidious attempts that evidently aim to restore the corrupt former regime to power. Those attempts are being made by certain parties whose aims and objectives are clearly obvious to all; and whose artful and treacherous games are willful, brutal and malicious.

The FJP expresses its total rejection of failed attempts by former regime figures to circumvent the popular will in order to derail Egypt’s democratic transformation, after the parliamentary elections which were a clear expression of popular choice for all Egyptians.

Further, the FJP reiterates its determination to build a truly democratic political system to achieve the great goals of the blessed revolution, as a tribute to the martyrs' blood and the pains of the wounded revolutionaries, and so as to fulfill the hopes and aspirations of the noble Egyptian People of completing the great revolution.
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