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Statement by Sponsors of
Statement by Sponsors of "Friday of Confrontation and Revolution Revival" 13 April 2012
Full translation of the statement of the Coordinating Committee for participants in activities of the “Protection of the Egyptian Revolution” events being organized for Friday 13 April 2012, which are more than forty revolutionary and political parties, groups and movements.
Wednesday, April 11,2012 21:40

We are the broad masses of the revolutionary Egyptian People who have full sovereignty over their homeland and their fate and the source of all authorities in this country; sovereignty which was regained through the January 25 peaceful popular revolution.

We announce our timely return to complete and defend the revolution. We are ready and willing to face all the forces intent on aborting the revolution, undermining it with a counter revolution, containing or hijacking the people’s great revolution, or re-producing the former regime, imposing hegemony on the people, dragging the country into a state of anarchy, or turning the revolution into a military coup.

We reaffirm our resolve to continue our revolution – God willing – until we achieve all its objectives and to realize the dreams and aspirations of the people.

We also announce full revival of the revolution, in order to confront icons and figures of the former regime, and to challenge attempts to link the return of security with return of symbols and servants of the corrupt regime.

We reiterate our utter rejection of reconciliation with those who shed the blood of the people, falsified their will, and corrupted our political life, plundered our resources, impoverished the people, and were actively supportive of gross injustice, tyranny, oppression and brutal despotism.

We announce our intention to overthrow the former regime, with all its icons, figures and symbols, and to root out corruption and collaborators.

We reaffirm our total rejection and vow to strongly respond to any attempts to nominate any of the symbols, icons or figures of the former regime who were partners in heinous crimes against the Egyptian people for decades as well as during the revolution. Those must be prosecuted for these crimes, in which they were involved as prime minister on January 28, or as Vice President of the ousted Mubarak from January 29, 2011.

We realize that symbols and icons of the former regime, aided by some of national, regional and international parties and stakeholders, attempt to paint a political landscape characterized by lawlessness, confusion and division. Those exert tireless efforts, relentlessly trying to circumvent the popular will of Egyptians through a series of actions and events designed to contain the main political actors, maintain military dominance and seek out narrow self-interest gains. The masses of the Egyptian people can no longer keep quiet regarding these actions and contrived crises or the confusion in the management of the transition period. All this forces the people into another uprising in which we are willing to sacrifice more martyrs for the success of our revolution.

To this end, we renew our determination and resolve to achieve the following:

First: Prevent former regime members from running for president; and impose popular and legal isolation for a period not less than ten years on all such elements of old corruption, especially Omar Suleiman and Ahmed Shafiq.

Second: Parliament is to re-elect the Constituent Assembly to draw up the constitution, in order for it to draft a constitution with participation of all the Egyptian people, with all hues and denominations, to put Egypt on the road to building a great State.

Third: Parliament is to amend Article 28 of the Constitutional Declaration so as to allow challenges to decisions of the election commission that will supervise the presidential elections from the date of opening the window of candidacy and until the announcement of election results.

Fourth: Promptly and effectively prosecuting all symbols and associates of the former regime, perpetrators of the massacres committed against the revolutionaries, especially the massacre of Port Said.

Fifth: Restructure state media to reflect the will of the people – not the ruling power – and cleanse all mass media of corruption.

Sixth: Transfer the former president to Tora prison hospital, completely isolate him and the rest of the defendants from the outside world and keep them apart, take proactive action against all suspects and keep them detained until the end of the transitional phase.

We emphasize that we are living a difficult historic moment, like no other, which the country is precariously going through, and which requires a degree of awareness and responsibility and faith that we are all partners in the homeland, which is our present and our past and our future.

This critical historic moment imposes on everyone an obligation to give priority to the interests of the country and to hold them high above any other interests, and to unite in the face of the enemies of the homeland and the revolution.

Most of national stakeholders, pro-revolution movements, political parties and parliamentarians have agreed get beyond the stage of polarization, which has been a destructive element in the revolution and agree on a set of common objectives, and to achieve these objectives in line with the interests of the country and the priorities of the transitional phase.

Pro-revolution parties strongly reiterate our return to complete the goals of the revolution – God willing – and will persist and persevere until we achieve all the revolution’s legitimate objectives, for which the people revolted: Dignity, Freedom, Social justice.

We are prepared and willing to use all options of peaceful escalation, and call upon the masses of our people to positively turn out in protest on Friday 13 April 2012 and join marches that will meet in Tahrir Square in order to revive the revolution.

We pray God to keep Egypt safe, free and proud.

Coordinating Committee for Pro-revolution Masses

Popular Consensus – Coalition of Revolutionary Youth – Board of Trustees of the Revolution – the Muslim Brotherhood – the Popular Will Front – April 6 Movement – Independent Academics – Sound of the Revolution Coalition – the Jan 25 Youth Movement – Young Researchers – Coalition of University Students – the Jan 25 Revolution Youth coalition – National Independence Movement – Union of Revolution Youth – Union of Revolution Forces – the Free Islamic Coalition – General Coalition of the Revolution – the Mainstream – the Free Rebel – Revolutionary Front – Obour Salafist Outreach – Salafi Youth Coalition – Islamist youth of Egypt Coalition – the Sharia Authority of rights and reform – the Unity (Al-Wihda) Movement – the People Movement (Sha’ab) –the Sunni and Jama’a Outreach – the Renaissance and Reform League – the Revolutionary Activists League – We All are Prisoners – Delta Forum – Consensus (Tawafoq) Foundation – the Freedom and Development Party – Safety and Development Party – Al-Nour (Light) Party – W’ad (Promise) Party – Alliance of Egyptian Revolutionaries –Free Egypt Coalition – the Independents Group.


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