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Mukhtar Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party to Support Judiciary Bill in Parliament
Mukhtar Ashri: Freedom and Justice Party to Support Judiciary Bill in Parliament
Egypt’s newly-elected parliamentary majority party, the Freedom and Justice, is to study and propose important draft laws, while Ashri allays concerns that the party’s legal team is to merge judicial institutions.
Monday, April 2,2012 14:05

Mukhtar Ashri, President of the Legal Committee of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP), said that his Committee has no intention at present to consider a draft law that seeks to consolidate the country’s judicial institutions in a single entity known as the ‘Unified Judicial System’.

Ashri stressed that the unified judiciary bill is not on the agenda of the FJP’s Legal Committee, at present.

He added that draft laws being considered by the Committee and which it will study and put forward in parliament, concerning the Egyptian judiciary, are a judicial authority bill and an amendment to the State Council law only; it is also currently considering a bill to merge the state issues authority into the judicial authority, subject to approval by the latter.

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