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Dr. Osama Yassin: We Do Not Fear Threats to Dissolve Parliament
Dr. Osama Yassin: We Do Not Fear Threats to Dissolve Parliament
It’s no use trying to turn the clock back, Egyptian MP Yassin responds to allusions and threats of pouncing on and destroying the January 25 revolution.
Wednesday, March 28,2012 16:51

Dr. Osama Yassin, Assistant Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and Chairman of the People’s Assembly Youth Committee, said: “Certainly, time cannot be turned back. Moreover, each event has its special circumstances. Without a doubt, Egypt’s January 25 Revolution is nowhere like the 1952 Coup. We don't fear dissolution of Parliament. We do not work for prestige, nor for glory or high positions".

Earlier this week, the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) released a statement expressing deep resentment at reports circulated by Egyptian media about remarks by "a certain political power" challenging the integrity of the armed forces and SCAF’s intent, throwing doubt on the performance and patriotism of governments, and questioning the independence of the Supreme Constitutional Court and the impartiality of its decisions.

In conclusion, SCAF’s statement said: "We urge everyone to remember well the lessons of history, to avoid repeating past mistakes which we do not wish to relive, and instead to look to the future in a spirit of cooperation and collaboration, and hold the higher interests of the homeland above all else".

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