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Egyptian Parliament Elects Members of Constituent Assembly of Constitution
Egyptian Parliament Elects Members of Constituent Assembly of Constitution
Specialized committee received over 3000 applications for membership of Egypt’s 100-strong Constituent Assembly to write the country’s new national charter.
Sunday, March 25,2012 07:40

 At their joint meeting Saturday, esteemed members of the People's Assembly and Shura Council elected the 100 members who will make up the Constituent Assembly (CA) to draft Modern Egypt’s first post-revolution Constitution. They also elected forty ‘reserve’ members for the CA.

The CA is to comprise 50 MPs and 50 public figures and representatives of various Egyptian organizations, institutions and trade unions.

Since its 18th of March 2012 session, the joint Technical Secretariat has received applications of MPs and the country’s institutions, after Dr. Mohamed Saad Katatni, Speaker of the People’s Assembly called on all bodies, authorities, trade unions and civil society organizations as well as public figures who wish to nominate themselves to come forth and apply for nomination.

Dr. Katatni stressed that MPs’ highest priority is for the CA to be expressive of all Egyptians, reflecting all the colors and hues of the homeland’s social and political spectrum, indicating that the forthcoming CA to be elected today shall bear a great historical responsibility, at this critical time, drawing up a new Constitution worthy of Egypt and its noble people.
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