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Osama Yassin: 50% Parliamentarians for Constituent Assembly is Middle Course Among All Proposals
Osama Yassin: 50% Parliamentarians for Constituent Assembly is Middle Course Among All Proposals
Although world constitutions are typically written by committees or assemblies comprising mostly members of any given country’s parliament, Egypt’s FJP seeks a true middle ground approach.
Sunday, March 18,2012 00:00

Dr. Osama Yassin, Assistant Secretary-General of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) and the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA) Youth Committee Chairman, said that usually, constitutions of countries, all over the world, are drawn up by elected MPs.


Further, Dr. Yassin pointed out that the representation rates the two Houses of Parliament settled upon – i.e. 50% parliamentarians – is really the ‘golden mean’ between extreme proposals ranging between 70% and 30% for MPs in the Constituent Assembly tasked with drafting the Constitution.


Earlier, on Saturday, the second session of the Joint Committee of the Egyptian Parliament’s two Houses witnessed a majority vote that approved the proposal of the Freedom and Justice Party (FJP) for the Constituent Assembly (CA) to comprise 50 parliamentarians and 50 others – from outside of parliament. The FJP’s suggested proportions won a clear majority of 472 votes of the elected members of the People's Assembly and Shura Council.


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