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Farid Ismail: Parliament May Withdraw Confidence from Ganzouri Government
Farid Ismail: Parliament May Withdraw Confidence from Ganzouri Government
The Freedom and Justice party begins extensive talks and coordination efforts with all political stakeholders and professional experts in Egypt, in order to urgently form a national consensus government as a substitute to the country’s under-performing interim government.
Tuesday, March 6,2012 23:28

Dr. Farid Ismail, Deputy of the Defense, National Security and Mobilization Committee of the Egyptian People’s Assembly (PA), said that the failure of the Ganzouri Government to take the opportunities granted to it by Parliament to explain the latest developments, does bring the majority's vote of no-confidence a lot closer, especially with the prevailing lawlessness and security chaos, the gas and petrol crises, the Port Said massacre, and the appointment of the defunct National Party's remnants and cronies to leadership positions, once again. All this pushes parliament to adopt an urgent decision to withdraw confidence.

Dr. Ismail pointed that the government has failed to offer any radical solution to the problems of Egypt, citing the most recent government statement, which was ambiguous and totally inadequate, adding that it was distributed to PA’s committees and reviewed by MPs, who did not find in it any solution to the security crisis, at least. He asserted that MPs are, indeed, serious in withdrawing confidence, after the National Security Committee rejected the entire statement, which prompts them to discuss the issue of deferred interrogations.

Further, Dr. Farid Ismail stressed that the FJP has started communication and consultation with various political parties, stakeholders, some independent professionals and technocrats, to form a national consensus government that shall enjoy broad support from all the Egyptian people and political forces represented in parliament as well as those not represented in parliament. He also stressed that the party will not marginalize those who do not belong to the Muslim Brotherhood in State institutions, rejecting attempts to outbid the Brotherhood.

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