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Freedom and Justice Party Nominates Dr. Ahmed Fahmi for Shura Council Speaker
Freedom and Justice Party Nominates Dr. Ahmed Fahmi for Shura Council Speaker
Forty : Sixty is perfect vision for Egypt’s Constituent Assembly (CA), according to the FJP Legal Committee, which envisages selection of only 40 MPs from Parliament and 60 non-parliamentarians for CA membership.
Monday, February 27,2012 14:59

The Freedom and Justice Party (FJP)’s Shura Council Parliamentary Commission agreed to nominate their Sharqiya MP Dr. Ahmed Fahmi as Speaker of the newly elected Shura Council (SC). The decision came after a meeting, Sunday, at FJP headquarters. Furthermore, Ali Fateh Al-Bab was chosen as the SC majority leader.

The FJP Parliamentary Commission also debated the party's plan to activate the Shura Council through developing regulatory and legislative mechanisms for all issues and laws. Topics addressed also included the formation of the SC Office and Committee bodies through research and consultation amongst the parties represented in the Shura Council.

For his part, FJP Chairman, Dr. Mohamed Morsi, stated that the Egyptian people look forward to the revitalization of the SC as the upper House of the Egyptian parliament. He noted, "The SC's most important tasks include the selection of the members of the Constituent Assembly which will draft the new constitution. It is up to the SC's elected members to restore its role including the monitoring the Supreme Council of the Press and a number of other state institutions, which will benefit the Egyptian society".

On the formation of the Constituent Assembly, Morsi reiterated that the FJP’s commitment to choosing members from across the political spectrum to guarantee equal representation. "The new constitution should reflect the Egyptian community in its entirety, with all its differing ideologies, faiths, factions and parties. The FJP's Legal Committee has in fact completed an initiative for selecting 40 People's Assembly and Shura Council MPs and 60 individuals from outside of Parliament. Selection criteria will be based on efficiency and proportional representation of all segments of society, including youths and women, in addition to various bodies like universities, unions and religious institutions, including the Azhar and the Egyptian Church, as well as civil society organizations, trade unions and various economic bodies”, Dr. Morsi said.


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