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Democratic Alliance Stages Sit-In, Demands Prosecution of Military Leaders Accused of Killing Protesters
Democratic Alliance Stages Sit-In, Demands Prosecution of Military Leaders Accused of Killing Protesters
Below is the full Statement regarding position of Democratic Alliance, elected MPs, and several public figures on recent Cabinet clashes:
Tuesday, December 20,2011 09:18

Below is the full Statement regarding position of Democratic Alliance, elected MPs, and several public figures on recent Cabinet clashes:

Attendees of this meeting firmly lay full legal and political responsibility on the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) for the crimes committed against the Egyptian citizens exercising their right of peaceful protest and demonstration, and hold SCAF responsible for all human rights violations committed during the last few days and caused the deepening crisis between the military and the people.

Furthermore, attendees at this meeting find that SCAF has failed in the management of the transitional period up to this critical moment, and it bears full responsibility for immediate cessation of violence, abuse of the citizens, assault of female demonstrators, the targeting of the revolutionaries who stood in the face of heavy-handed attacks, and for the immediate release of all protesters detained for no legal reason. The conferees insist on bringing to justice and accountability military leaders and security officials responsible for ordering and carrying out violent attacks on the protesters, sitters and demonstrators, and on the formation of a special independent judicial commission of inquiry to take the necessary measures for the afore-mentioned purpose with full authority to initiation an investigation with the military and the security forces in charge of the area at the time. The conferees also condemn attempts to tarnish the image of the revolution and the revolutionaries who were always determined to maintain the peaceful nature of their protest and sit-in, which lasted nearly three weeks without any attack on a single institution.

Further, the conferees hold the media responsible for the smear campaigns that contradict the codes of honour and all professional ethics.

Attendees at this meeting also condemn attempts to accuse some political activists without investigation or legal evidence. The conferees agree on the need to accelerate the timetable for power hand-over, following the parliamentary elections, including the executive branch, and call on the elected People’s Assembly, immediately upon completion of elections, to transform the transfer process to the legal constitutional action. They also invite political leaders and stakeholders as well as elected members of parliament to a political sit-in at the Supreme Judiciary House until those demands are met.
Signatories to the statement:

Dr. Mohamed Beltagy (Freedom and Justice Party)

Ayman Nour (Al-Ghad Party)

Dr. Ahmed Abu Bakr

Dr. Amr Hamzawy (Egypt Freedom Party)

Hatem Azzam

George Isaac

Shaheer George Isaac

Ziad Ali

Abdul-Rahman Youssef

Michael Meunier

Shadi Ghazali Harb - Al-wa’ey (Awareness) Party

Nasser Abdel-Hamid - Coalition of Revolution Youth

Mustafa Najjar – Adl (Justice) Party
Tayseer Fahmi - Chairman of Equality and Development Party

Adel Al-Mashadd

Hosni Abdel Rahim

Mustafa Darwish Ref’at

Dr. Mo’aaz Abdel Karim

Abeer Ibrahim Moussa

Wael Hossam El-Din - Democratic Front Party

Yasser Shoukry - Lawyer

Cousellor Bahaa Eddin Hamdi – Chairman of Shabab Attaghier Party

Amr Farouk – Wassat Party

Ali Fahmi - the Free Egyptian Party

Mohamed Agati – Popular Coalition Party

Ayman Sakran - Social Democratic Party of Egypt

Asmaa Abdel Moneim – Ghadd Al-Thawra Party

Major-General Adel Abbas - President of Egypt Arab Socialist Party

Counsellor Bahauddin Hamdy

Dr. Magdy Qarqar- Secretary-General of the Labour Party

Khalid Al-Shobokshi - Knights of the Future Party Chairman

Ahmed Khairy

Hani Sarie El-Din - Liberal Egyptian Party

Maha Rashidy

Dr. Wahid Abdel Meguid

Talaat Fahmy - Socialist People's Alliance

Ali Fahmy - The Free Egyptian Movement

Inas El-Hadji

Mohamed Tolba

Mohamed Sawy – Hadara (Civilization) Party

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