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New Poll Shows FJP in the Lead
New Poll Shows FJP in the Lead
An exclusive Newsweek/Daily Beast poll of Egyptian voters portends Muslim Brotherhood influence, and trouble for the West, with this fall’s elections approaching.
Monday, November 7,2011 23:29
by Douglas Schoen IkhwanWeb

An exclusive Newsweek/Daily Beast poll of Egyptian voters portends Muslim Brotherhood influence, and trouble for the West, with this fall’s elections approaching.

With two months remaining until early parliamentary elections, a new Newsweek/Daily Beast poll shows clearly and unambiguously that the political climate in Egypt is moving in a new direction that is inimical to American and allied interests—notwithstanding the billions of dollars in aid that the United States continues to provide.

The Muslim Brotherhood, Egypt's largest Islamist group, is poised to win the largest share of the vote in parliamentary elections; the man who appears to have a clear shot at the presidency, Amr Moussa, has made his name criticizing Israel; and a large majority of respondents favor amending or revoking the cornerstone of regional stability, the Camp David Accords.

This poll encompassed 1,008 randomly selected Egyptian adults from 19 Egyptian governorates between June 24-July 4, 2011—it was conducted by Douglas E. Schoen LLC and Thawrastats on behalf of Newsweek/The Daily Beast, and has a margin of sampling error of +/-3.5 percent.


An incredibly diffuse set of nascent political parties—more than a dozen registered some support in our survey—spells opportunity for the Brotherhood, whose Freedom and Justice Party scored a plurality of support (17 percent). More ominously, just 35 percent said that a Muslim Brotherhood majority would be a bad thing (27 percent said it would be good, 38 percent weren’t sure). Such results might explain the Egyptian military’s recent moves to assert its role going forward “to protect our democracy,” as one unnamed general told The Washington Post, “from the Islamists.”

29% Not sure/Undecided

17% Freedom and Justice Party

11% Al-Wafd Party

7% National Democratic Party

7% Free Egyptians Party

5% Justice Party

4% Free Egypt Party

3% Egyptian Stream Party

3% ElKarama Party

2% Egyptian Labor Party

2% ElGhad Party

2% Tagamoe Party

1% AlWasat Party

1% Democratic Front

7% Other

Read rest of the article on thedailybeast
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