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MB Movies, Emphasis on Morals and Fighting Corruption
MB Movies, Emphasis on Morals and Fighting Corruption
With restrictions limited after the ousting of the corrupt Mubarak and his regime, the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to portray ethical messages through films.
Sunday, July 10,2011 01:27

With restrictions limited after the ousting of the corrupt Mubarak and his regime, the Muslim Brotherhood is attempting to portray ethical messages through films.

Using symbolism and concentrating on morals to eradicate possible sedition and corruption, short movies such as "It’s not Enough" which addresses corruption by government employees, indicates that what goes around comes around, after an employee who had bribed a citizen is faced with another corrupt employee who demands a bribe to obtain quick medical treatment for his son who was injured in an accident.

Another film entitled “The Eye Does Not See" depicts the sacrifice both Christians and Muslims are prepared to make for one another. One scene portrays two men, a Muslim and a Christian, lying side by side injured in an Egyptian hospital room after a terrorist attack. A conversation takes place between the two where the Christian, who has just lost an eye in a terrorist attack, questions the injured Muslim why the attack took place. The Muslim denies that any decent practicing Muslim would promote violence. The movie ends with the Muslim dying, however, not without donating his cornea to save the Christian's eyesight.

With over 7000 fans, Ikhwan Cinema aims at endorsing locally-produced films in an attempt to mirror society's most pressing issues, to encourage what is described as "meaningful film.”  Although Ikhwan Cinema has not yet begun producing films itself, it intends to begin shortly to cover pressing issues which the nation has lived under the former regime. The cinema will aim at working as a reminder to the citizens that the people of ‘New Egypt’ will no longer tolerate corruption, theft, oppression, illicit profiteering, blackmail or bribery.

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