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MB in Yemen Calls For Transitional Governing Council
MB in Yemen Calls For Transitional Governing Council
The Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen has issued a statement concerning the current situation in their country.
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Sunday, June 5,2011 14:40

The Muslim Brotherhood in Yemen issued a statement concerning the current situation in the country, and highlighting that the country is at the threshold of a new phase of its revolution, especially after a split is seen between President  Ali Abdullah Saleh and a number of his aids.

According to the statement, all responsible for the killings must be arrested, tried and punished. It stressed that out of patriotic responsibility all the revolutionary forces their components, and patriotic forces both at home and abroad must begin the formation of a transitional civilian council to manage and administrate the state and the country during this transitional period.

Furthermore, the Yemeni MB called for new constitution that defines the principles of a civil state, and the preparations for the upcoming early presidential and parliamentary elections.

The statement ended that the Yemeni MB emphasizes the necessity to form public defence committees and neighbourhood watches in all the Yemeni cities, villages and rural areas to protect the public and private properties from the possible attacks of the collapsed regime remnants.

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