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MB Will Defy Any Attempts Against Revolution's Success
MB Will Defy Any Attempts Against Revolution's Success
Speaking at a conference organized by the student union in Munufiya's teacher's college, former MB MP and lawyer Sobhy Saleh stated that the Egyptian Revolution which came three years too late has not yet ended.
Tuesday, May 24,2011 11:21

Speaking at a conference organized by the student union in Munufiya's Teachers' College, former MB MP and lawyer Sobhy Saleh stated that the Egyptian Revolution, which came three years too late, has not yet ended. 
Saleh denounced the corruption that still continues to exist and called on Egyptians to continue protecting it from the remnants of the ousted regime. He also criticized what he described as the 'security appointments' of deans, secretaries and heads of universities.
He explained that political division and sectarian tension were the main obstacles in Egypt's future with the proposed constitutional amendments being the starting point of the division.
He blamed the second barrier on extremist ideas which have resulted in the sectarian clashes. Saleh explained that the Muslim Brotherhood does not believe in having a religious state but rather calls for the formation of a civil state based on Islamic references. He stressed that Islam respects personal liberties in the framework of its teachings, as opposed to liberals who tolerate illegal work under the notion of freedom. Islam, he said, calls for achieving social justice.

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