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Activists Launch Campaign on FB Opposing Holding Off Elections
Activists Launch Campaign on FB Opposing Holding Off Elections
Arguing for quick elections, activists in Egypt have launched a campaign on the social networking site FB calling for quick elections against delay.
Thursday, May 19,2011 12:49


Arguing for holding parliamentary elections on time as originally scheduled in the Constitutional Declaration, activists in Egypt launched a campaign on the social networking site FB opposing any attempts to postpone elections in violation of the results of the referendum voted upon by the people in March.
The campaign remonstrated against what it described as “cartoon parties” of the previous era, citing that “democracy without parties is a farce”.
According to the activists, the army should return to the barracks and elections should be held as originally scheduled later this fall. They argued that it was about time the country moved to a transition mode, and choose an interim government through conducting a fair election and a representative parliament.
The campaign called for focusing on building the new Egypt, stressing that it is time Egypt becomes a democratic model for the region.
Activists warned against falling prey to remnants of the former regime and their schemes by delaying the democratic process, vowing that Egypt would never again accept ballot rigging.
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