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MB Chairman: Egypt Will Protect its Revolution
MB Chairman: Egypt Will Protect its Revolution
Describing the revolution in Egypt as an inspiration to everyone fighting against oppression across the world Dr. Mohamed Badie chairman for the Muslim Brotherhood highlighted that we must benefit from its successes.
Wednesday, May 18,2011 10:17

Describing the revolution in Egypt as an inspiration to everyone fighting against oppression across the world, Dr. Mohamed Badie - chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood - highlighted that we must benefit from its successes to rebuild our country.
During an historical assembly in the Amr Ebn el Aas Mosque in Cairo, Badie emphasized the significance of continued solidarity  among Egyptians fighting for democracy.  He called on the people to learn the lessons of previous revolutions and how they can really change society by utilizing the restored rights.

He highlighted that following the revolution unprecedented meetings took place between the MB and Al-Azhar institution where it was agreed that the central task now  is to draw in wider forces from the youth, both Muslims and Copts alike.  He urged everyone to ignore the attempts being made to promote sectarian strife and sedition, adding it was necessary to restore the patriotic spirit during the days of Tahrir Square. Badie  stressed that the freedom, dignity and human rights that people demanded on the streets in Tahrir Square must be firmly established and protected against any return of the old regime.
He condemned the pre-revolution media, which directed all its efforts into tarnishing the MB and stressed that there must be complete freedom and unfettered access to the public media. 

Stating that victory can be a beacon to masses struggling everywhere against repression, Badie claimed that history has proven that oppression cannot last forever. He cited that giving voice to the people’s aspirations was a priority of the MB, which intends to participate in the future in the political arena it does not seek domination. Badie noted that the freedoms Egyptians have won on the streets should be protected.
Ending his address to thousands, Badie noted that the revolution is not over, asserting that it is only just beginning and that it must march on to fully achieve democratic freedoms. He claimed that right now the priority is to meet and defeat the attack of the counterrevolution.

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