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MB Explores Neighborhood Watch Programs in Imbaba
MB Explores Neighborhood Watch Programs in Imbaba
Following the violent clashes in Imbaba the Muslim Brotherhood proposed setting up their own watch scheme.
Tuesday, May 10,2011 19:54

Following the violent clashes in Imbaba between Muslims and Copts, the Muslim Brotherhood proposed setting up their own neighborhood watch programs to create a partnership between the community, police and the local authorities.

The programs are created in an effort to target local crimes, religious intolerance, and terrorism, which have been a direct threat to the Revolution's gains. In consultation with the local residents, the MB is hoping to idenify the roots of crimes of most concern to the community, and focus on finding appropriate solutions.

According to MB member Dr. Yaser Abdul Wahab, the MB has arranged a meeting between all interested parties in the Imbaba district, and will enable as many residents to attend, including both Muslims and Copts to ensure their success.

Members will discuss how much time they are willing to put into the programs to make them work. Committee has been set up to propose a platform for the project, and ensure that people are continually vigilant and report suspicious behavior to the appropriate authorities.

Abdul Wahab stressed that there is an ongoing cooperation between the people and the military to ensure full success of the neighborhood watch programs. He added that people will need to be motivated and keep close relationship with local police to be able to report suspecious activities. He stressed the MB was working on building up a network of trust between the Muslims and Copts.


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