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Syria'a MB offshoot condemns genocide against its peaceful people
Syria'a MB offshoot condemns genocide against its peaceful people
The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Syria issued a statement condemning and denouncing the genocide committed by the regime against the Syrian people.
Wednesday, April 27,2011 05:07

The Muslim Brotherhood (MB) in Syria issued a statement condemning and denouncing the genocide committed by the regime against the Syrian people. It holds the international community responsible for its passiveness to the killings and human rights violations by the Syrian regime which directly violates the right to live. 

The MB  condemns the Arab silence as well as the silence of the Arab League towards the massacres committed by the tyrannical regime against the Syrian people which was always loyal and supportive. 

The MB confirms the loyalty and patriotism of the Syrian people stressing it rejects its uprising be used in any international or regional conflict. The MB also refuses to be subject to the lies and attempts of instilling fears in the hearts of the people by those who have external interests taking advantages of current events in Syria .  

It is on this note that we address the people and all responsible calling on them to persuade the tyrant to stop the injustices in order not to open way for those with external agendas.  

Secondly, we believe that when the decision is in the hands of the sincere people of Syria it will lead the way to freedom and liberty.  

To the people caring for Syria the MB reminds that despite the insistence of the regime to carry on in these bloody attacks aimed to end all means of hope and cancel all political options  the Syrian people will unite and work hard together towards freedom and peace and against all oppression. 

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Muslim Trashood Syrian
I can't wait to see thousands of your dead bodies strewn across all of Syria. Your end is coming. May God end the lives of each and every one of you. From a Christian who supports a secular Syria under Bashar al-Assad :) PS: We have seen your weapons. Stop pretending that your PIGS are unarmed.
Wednesday, April 27,2011 05:41
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