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MB Chairman: Freedom Means Responsibility
MB Chairman: Freedom Means Responsibility
In his weekly message the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie concentrated on the meaning of freedom and how to support, respect and protect it.
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Saturday, March 26,2011 10:22

In his weekly message the Muslim Brotherhood chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie concentrated on the meaning of freedom and how to support, respect and protect it.

Realizing its significance Badie highlighted that Freedom of speech and choice makes people become responsible for their words and actions.

He noted that although freedom, in the wide meaning, is the availability of choice, possible way out from the situation or an event, it is not an opportunity to act as you want; it does not give you the right to do all you want to do.

In essence freedom entails having people being responsible for everything they do. This said Badie asserted that Islam advocates that freedom be connected with human responsibility for his actions, as well as with the measure of responsibility – the level of responsible and irresponsible actions.

 Freedom should be understood as an opportunity of a person to choose and realize the most significant purposes and values while never forgetting the principles and ideologies of Islam.

It is on this note that Badie called on Egypt to protect its freedom and acknowledge that freedom is not just a blessing restored to the people following the People’s January 25 Revolution it is also a huge responsibility adding that freedom is a state, a process of interaction of individuals and groups with one another and the complete abandonment of repression, oppression corruption, or tyranny while always respecting the full guarantee of the freedom of speech.

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