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Yes - No scenario explained
Yes - No scenario explained
A constitutional declaration is expected to be issued following the announcement of the referendum results.
Sunday, March 20,2011 13:03

A constitutional declaration is expected to be issued following the announcement of the referendum results. According to Mamdouh Shahin, defense minister assistant for legal affairs, the declaration will depend on the result of the referendum.

If the outcome is Yes then parliamentary and presidential elections will be held and the amended articles will be included.

If a No majority is announced then a general provisions declaration will be included for the interim period.

Shahin explained that the military council will suspend the Constitution. The voted president will then meet with speakers of the parliament and Shura Council and a new constitution within a specified duration will be drafted.

Military expert Major General Abdel Moneim al-Saeed, told Masry Alyoum that if the amendments are approved parliamentary elections will be held, following which some laws of parliament and the Shura Council will be amended, and then presidential elections will be held. He added under all circumstances, the Constitution will remain suspended.

Al-Saeed stressed that in the case Egyptians rejecting the amendments, the Supreme Council for the Armed Forces may amend other articles and form a committee composed of up to 200 members to act as a founding committee for writing a new constitution.

He ascertained that he believed it would be better if this committee was elected from members of parliament, rather than being appointed by the military council stressing that the council may issue the constitutional declaration. Following this the parliament and the Shura Council would be formed nevertheless in all these cases the military council will stay in office for the next 24 months.

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