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Hams in Algeria rejects foreign intervention
Hams in Algeria rejects foreign intervention
Algeria’s Hams has stated that it rejects any foreign intervention in Bahrain to contain the anti-government protests.
Saturday, March 19,2011 13:38

Algeria’s Hams has stated that it rejects any foreign intervention in Bahrain to contain the anti-government protests.

Clashes have been witnessed between security forces and demonstrators, holding sit-ins in Pearl Square in the Bahraini capital Manama to claim political and economic reforms.

The political arm the Movement of Society for Peace, asserted in  a statement that its national bureau offers its sympathy to the families and prays for those martyrs killed in Bahrain, stressing it  strongly rejects foreign interference in internal affairs of the country. It argued that it believed the foreign interference is likely to complicate the situation in Bahrain.

The group urged  the Bahraini authorities to respect the will of the people and their right to express peacefully their demands  warning against sedition and sectarian strife  that may threaten the unity and stability of Bahrain.

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Bahrain Bahraini
This is not foreign intervention, its Gulf Cooperation Council defending against Iran\'s Shiia attempt to take over Bahrain
Saturday, March 19,2011 21:10
Saudi meddling in the pragmatic/technocratic revolution of the youths Emirati
The Saudi regime want to fuel sectarianism to disunite the bahraini people. I have contacts in Bahrain sunnis and shias but sunnis bahrainis(not pakistani,yemeni,syrians) tend to be scared to talk so they just dont claim they are sunnis. The Saudi imperialism was expended to my sweet country UAE and later other similar regimes in the region. The saudi/american axes is giving a bad name for most sunnis who reject their sectarian/extremist views. God bless the Brotherhood, Al-Banna and Hamas.
Sunday, March 20,2011 07:49
Bahrain Lutfi
Whilst supportive of MB and moderate Islamist trends, I am fearful of the petty hatreds which inspire some more extreme Sunnis (and Shia). We need real maturity of leadership. Muslim leaders need to give us a forum in which good is upheld. That means creating a civic structure that promotes good but not one that enforces it too much. Muslims must be allowed to choose. Inevitably some of us will drink, fornicate, etc etc and a mature leadership will not overly judge such people as they are citizens and only human. We need leaders who will not talk in abstracts but face realities. The prophet spent 40 years molding his community. Gods mercy comes ahead of his punishment.
Sunday, March 20,2011 12:48
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