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MB Chairman Calls Military Junta to Regulate a Unified Open List in Next Legislative Polls
MB Chairman Calls Military Junta to Regulate a Unified Open List in Next Legislative Polls
Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), met with more than 25 leaders representing different political parties members of the ruling.
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Monday, March 7,2011 20:57

Dr. Mohammed Badie, Chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), met with more than 25 leaders representing different political parties members of the ruling.

Supreme Council of the Armed Forces in an extensive discussion between the two sides that lasted for 3 hours at the Department of Moral Affairs. The two sides stressed the importance of taking urgent steps aimed at building a new Egypt.

Badie underlined the importance of achieving people's demands and restoring Egypt's great status was lessened by illegitimate president, rigged Parliament.

Security bodies exercised oppression and injustice against innocent people and State-controlled media outlets distorting facts, calling for the prosecution of  all responsible for killing protesters and destroying Egypt by civilian courts.

The trial of people convicted in civilian courts, in turn, would ensure that the judiciary can be independent, indicating that the Brothers have conclusive evidence proving the conviction of those responsible, urging to put an end to the injustice suffered by the Brothers under Mubarak's regime as they were referred to special court-martial and were deprived of their most basic freedoms to be tried before their conventional

The MB Chairman added that ousted wanted clashes between the army and the Brothers by referring group's leaders for more than 15 years to military trials, indicating that such malicious schemes have proved its failure.

"The MB appreciates the leading role played by the army in maintaining Egypt's security and stability, he said, expressing his confidence that Egypt's great army will fulfil its promises to conduct free and fair parliamentary elections as scheduled, and to transfer power to civilians within the six-month period.

Badie emphasized that he had already extended an invitation to all political forces, from the right to the left, entitled " A Dialogue for Egypt 4", where the participants offered a package of proposals to lift Egypt up from tyranny.

"We wished Mubarak responds to the needs of his people, but he pays no attention and has caused all that is happening to Egypt in terms of disasters throughout his 30-year reign. Badie held him responsible for all these heinous crimes.

He invited all political forces to engage in "A Dialogue for Egypt 5" on Wednesday, 16/03/2011 to abolish the argument that this period is not sufficient to hold free elections, urging to make a consensual and open list for people have the right to choose their own representatives.

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