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MB chairman mourns Turkey’s first Islamist PM
MB chairman mourns Turkey’s first Islamist PM
The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie offered his sincerest sympathy following the death of Turkey's first Islamist Prime Minister, Negm Eldin Erbakan, who died at the age of 85.
Sunday, February 27,2011 15:13


The Muslim Brotherhood’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie offered his sincerest sympathy following the death of Turkey's first Islamist Prime Minister, Negm Eldin Erbakan, who died at the age of 85.Erbakan who served only a year as prime minister was forced to stand down in 1997 by Turkey's staunchly secular military.

His Islamist Welfare Party was prevented from practicing politics or emerging in the political arena in 1998 and he was banned for five years for violating the constitution.

Turkey’s current governing AK Party, which has Islamist roots, grew out of Welfare.

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I'm sorry A Turkish Person
I'm sorry for the death of any human being. I'm sorry for his death as well. However, he did not do anything good for Turkey. He claimed he made investments in "heavy industry!". All that meant was investing in obsolete technologies and leaving payment of the loans to future generations. Please do not allow people to hide behind religion and use the power for their own benefit. I wish a bright future for Egypt.
Sunday, February 27,2011 15:42
Prof. Arbakan the man who opened our eyes Nigerian
May Allah forgive him his sins and shower His meries on Arbakan. Prof. Arbakan was the man who taught us in the Muslim world that we can make provided that e hold to Islam. The Prof. of mechanical engineering understood the verse in the quran, and get prepared for the defence of your relign with what you can, be it force and armament anf faith that scares the your enemies. May his soul rest in perfect peace
Monday, February 28,2011 08:46
Turkey, Islam & Secularism Shafiq
Why do Turks love Attaturk and secularism so much? We should remember that it was the Western colonial powers that introduced secularism to the Islamic world in a bid to divide and conquer. Islam is a complete way of life which includes spirituality, politics, economics, family and social welfare. We should never let the non-Muslim world dictate to the Muslim world how we should govern our nations. The Turks should be proud of their Islamic heritage/history and love our prophet Muhammed (pbuh) more than Kamal Attaturk who was a Western puppet.
Monday, February 28,2011 10:44
Arbakan shehbaaz
Inna lillahe wa enna ilaihe raji'oon...He was one of the Pioneers of true islamic and democratic revolution in Turkey..he was shrewd Politician,astute,gentle and a fine human being..one who has fought notorious turk military for decades for making turkey a free and democratic nation..he brought real change in turkey..The AK arty of erdogan has everything to benefit from Welfare Party and Arbakan..its his towering personality and guiding ideas that all of them grew and came to Power..he came to power in much difficult cricumstances than today and that shows how much people loved him in those difficult days..he is one of the greatest islamic leaders of the modern era..May ALLAH shower his blessings on him
Monday, February 28,2011 11:30
turks,secularism, ataturk ahmed tar
@Shafiq "Why do Turks love Attaturk and secularism so much" it's not truth. now, about 50% people don't love him. we must consider educational system first. if you don't read any prohibited history books you will be a kemalist in turkey (kemalism is an ideology argue "islam prevents development" and also "muslim nations are primitive"). from 1920 to 2000 military,educational system,judgement and press was kemalist. they prevent islamic opinion. with akparty, 2002 to now, there is a quite revolution that we live. except military, all kemalist institutions changed. think about why muslim world like erdo
Monday, February 28,2011 21:23
Mourning the great Turk Leader Arbkan Munir Ahmed Khalili
I have just opened the Ikhwan website and came to know about sad demise of Arbkan. May ALLAH rest him in peace and blessing and accept his noble deeds. Here I also appreciate the stand The Muslim Brotherhood has taken about the affair of their country. They have proved they are not hungry of the power but want soliderty, stability and political balance only.
Tuesday, March 1,2011 20:14
i\\\'m sorry for the arrogance of some another turkish person
how did erbakan leave younger generations with heavy burdens of loan?!! he only was the smaller partner of a coalition government for a year just before the 1980 military coup, and he was the pm for only 1,5 year. no my friend. if you want to blame someone, you should blame suleyman demirel (who served as the pm for many years in the post-war era) and the military coups (which turned out to be disasterous for turkish economy). Erbakan left younger generations only with the faith about greater turkey and greater muslim ummah. he was the man of ideals.
Tuesday, March 1,2011 22:53
turkish liers Mustafa Akpolat
arbakan was a mucjaheed of 20. century. everybody knows that realty. but some kamalist people don't love him and they lie about him. we know he is mujaheed. we know the what's truth. alhamdulillah. he built and gave us devolping 8 for. it is like un but in islamic countries. and i say allah bless u big mujaheed.
Thursday, March 3,2011 23:09
Prof.Dr.Nejmuddin ARBAKAN was fully qualified person.He was spending all his 24 hours according to Islamic orders.His daily life must be searched and written to be example for those people who are propagating
Friday, March 4,2011 14:24
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