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Egypt's Court Issues License for Wasat Party
Egypt's Court Issues License for Wasat Party
An Egypt court has finally licenced an Islamic party making it the first party to gain official status since Mubarak’s ousting on February 11.
Saturday, February 19,2011 15:33

An Egypt court has finally licenced an Islamic party, making it the first to gain official status since Mubarak’s ousting on February 11.

According to judicial sources the Wasat Party has been trying to secure an official licence for 15 years. The party was turned down four times by the former Egyptian government. The ruling will allow the Wasat Party, founded by a former member of the Muslim Brotherhood, to take part in forthcoming elections.

Abu al- Ella Madi, the founder of the Wasat Party stated that the Supreme Administrative Court licensed the party Saturday after approving its latest appeal. He stated the party was founded to create a political movement promoting what he described as a tolerant version of Islam with liberal tendencies. He described the ruling as a positive fruit of the January 25 revolution from the freedom generation.

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