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MB Will Join Talks with the Best Interests of Egypt in Mind
MB Will Join Talks with the Best Interests of Egypt in Mind
The Muslim Brotherhood has stated that out of genuine dedication to the best interests of Egypt and the interests of the people they have agreed to take part in dialogue with Vice President Omar Suleiman along with other political factions.
Sunday, February 6,2011 12:17

The Muslim Brotherhood has stated that out of general dedication to the best interests of Egypt and the interests of the people, they have agreed to take part in dialogue with Vice President Omar Suleiman along with other political factions.
Keenly interested to salvage Egypt’s stability, the MB group will take part in the dialogue, insisting they have no intentions on their agenda to field any of its members for presidency. The group does however call for the same demands that all political opposition have called for, insisting that the youths responsible for initiating the People’s Revolution be heard and respected.
The statement stresses the group’s rejection of both regional and international intervention in Egypt’s internal affairs, highlighting that Egyptians are capable of independently running their country without any outside intervention.
The MB will discuss its demands which are of interest to Egyptians, including:
Mubarak must step down immediately

A national coalition transitional government must be formed
Transparent parliamentary elections must be held under judicial supervision

Treedom to publish independent papers, free from government intervention must be guaranteed

The 30-year Emergency Law must be abolished
Recently detained activists during the protests and political prisoners must be released 

There must be equal opportunities for all political parties in the media and State TV’s efforts to distort facts must be halted
There must be respect for the judiciary and its elements

There must be freedom to form assemblies to express demands and opinions without oppression

There must be immediate investigations into all those responsible for the country’s corruption and those responsible must be held accountable

The MB confirms their determination to call on the government to adhere to the demands of the people, announced by the millions in demonstrations which are still underway and which are being witnessed worldwide.

Ending its statement, the group’s chairman Dr. Mohamed Badie notes that the group rejects any description of the revolution as an Islamic revolution, stressing that is a people’s revolution initiated by youths from all political groups, sects, trends and religions calling on those responsible to listen carefully to the people and their demands to ensure unity and stability for all Egyptians.



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Best interests of Egyptions Jalil
what is outlined as the best intersts of egyption are not enough. Main issues concern wether the relation of state and religion, rule of civil law and Sharia law, freedom of belief and religious freedom, equal rights for women and their right to choose their cover.
Tuesday, February 8,2011 04:14
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