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MB and opposition calls for largest protest
MB and opposition calls for largest protest
For the third consecutive day Egypt has witnessed nationwide protests with further indications it will continue through Friday.
Thursday, January 27,2011 22:57

For the third consecutive day Egypt has witnessed nationwide protests with further indications it will continue through Friday.

Political opposition has called for additional protests on Friday with a massive demonstration of solidarity following the Friday prayers.
The demonstrations are expected to strengthen as journalists and lawyers call for the release of their colleagues who were arrested earlier in the demonstrations this week.
The last count has revealed at least 7 deaths as a result of the Security's aggressive responses and more than 100 injuries. Over 1500 people have been arrested or detained and Human rights groups have reported that security officials have blockaded the entire city of Suez, preventing individuals from either leaving or entering and authorities have cut electricity and water to many areas where protesters are  living or demonstrating.
Media spokesman for the The country's strongest political opposition the Muslim Brotherhood  Dr. Mohamed Morsy has confirmed that the group will participate in the  demonstration scheduled in order to achieve popular demands.  He added  that it is not necessary for the Brotherhood to take a leading role in the protests, but if the situation requires, its members will maintain a strong street presence.


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Worried April-Dawn
I have a dear friend in Giza - I have not heard many reports about conditions in that area. Can anyone please report on the situation in Giza? Myself and my professor (she works for the US Department of Justice in the Human Rights area for the continent of Africa) have been working very hard to pressure our government to pressure Egypt's government to open up communications. The people of Egypt have many supporters here in the US doing what we can here. We are behind you and watching for your safety. Let me know if there is anything else we can do. Please inform me - I am really worried for my dear friend, HeBa. Your Crazy American Christian Supporter, April-Dawn
Saturday, January 29,2011 04:16
assalamualaikaum, laaillaha illallahu muhammedur rasullulah, please help indian muslims also, we are all one and fighting kaffirs. our lands are stolen we are weak and our women are raped by hindus AND CHRISTIANS SIKH (KAFIRS-pray stones) please start something in india like this. help us..
Tuesday, February 1,2011 17:27
Truth! Cisellus
Let us be honest. The Muslim Brotherhood wants to establish an Islamist Caliphate and tear down Western Society. I am armed and ready.
Wednesday, February 2,2011 02:35
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