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MB calls for changes to prevent another Tunisia
MB calls for changes to prevent another Tunisia
The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on the aging President Mubarak ruling for over 30 years to dissolve the newly elected parliament and hold new elections.
Thursday, January 20,2011 10:45

The Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt has called on the aging President Mubarak ruling for over 30 years to dissolve the newly elected parliament and hold new elections.

In its statement it called for the elimination of the 30-year-old emergency law and demanded political reform and constitutional amendments which would allow free and fair presidential elections unlike those held during the parliamentary elections which triggered the boycotting of the group during the second round.

The group expects an uprising like that which took place in Tunisia to repeat itself in Egypt unless the regime adopts political and economic steps to reform.

The group also called for immediate action to meet citizens’ critical needs by implementing real economic reform stressing it would eliminate corruption. Other demands included cancelling fringe benefits appointed to ministers and senior state officials, in addition to the ending of natural gas sales to Israel.

The MB also called on the regime to cut off relations with Israel, support the Palestinian resistance, release all political prisoners and guarantee the freedom to form political parties.

Furthermore the group called for the abolition of security intervention in universities, schools, trade unions, NGOs and human rights organizations.

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