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Top Egyptian Cleric Denounces Pope Benedict’s Double Standards
Top Egyptian Cleric Denounces Pope Benedict’s Double Standards
During a press conference Al-Azhar’s Grand Cleric Ahmed Al-Tayeb denounced Pope Benedict XVI’s biased reaction to the blast in Alexandria questioning why he didn’t ask for the Muslims to be protected when they were killed in Iraq.
Sunday, January 2,2011 23:24

During a press conference, Al-Azhar’s Grand Cleric, Ahmed Al-Tayeb, denounced Pope Benedict XVI’s biased reaction to the blast in Alexandria, questioning why he did not ask for the Muslims to be protected when they were killed in Iraq. 
He criticized the tone of the Pope and the evident tilting of scales that was illustrated when he condemned the blasts, describing it as a widening campaign against Christians in the Middle East, stressing that it was a lack of religious freedom and a threat to world security. 

The Pope called on the Christians not to yield to discouragement and resignation in the face of the threatening tensions of the moment, and in the face of discrimination, of abuse of power and religious intolerance that today particularly strikes Christians.

Al-Tayeb argued that the Pope’s call was blatant evidence of interference in Egypt’s affairs, claiming that it was highly unacceptable.

Al-Tayeb did, however, express his anger at the attack on the church, noting that it targeted all Egyptians, and called on Muslims and Christians alike to work day and night to strive for national unity, security, stability and the protection of all Egyptians, and to stand as one.
He offered his and all the Muslims condolences to the victims of the blasts, asserting that Islam is a religion of peace and explicitly forbids such actions and regards human life as sacred regardless of religion, colour and creed.

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The Copts in Egypt Ben Parry
Maybe this cleric has no idea of the fact that Egypt was once a wonderful Christian country before the war-lords from the East came and forced it to submit to the Christian heresy called Islam? Also, he is obviously unaware that the Pope condemned the wars in Iraq, and the killing of Christians and innocent Muslims in that land. Pre-2003 it was an Islamic state (often in conflict with neighbouring Islamic states) that actively killed Muslims in Iraq, since then most Muslims who have been unlawfully killed in Iraq have been murdered by Islamists who happen to belong to a different sect. Islam is currently the world's greatest problem, and has given the planet nothing of any use or benefit to mankind. Those born into the faith of Muhammad cower in fear of their own, and the rest of the world expect Islamic terrorists at any moment...Islamic clerics sit dumb and impotent in the face of this proof that the so-called "religion of peace" is actually the religion of terror, barbarism and hate. The poor Copts, who have been Christian for nearly 2,000 years, have had to endure oppression at the hands of the uncivilised for far too long. Let's hope that all nations, West and East wake up to the fact that the Egyptian state and religion has been oppressing the truth for far too long. We can then stop funding it with our hard earned money - no more holidays or foreign aid...And I can guarantee you that no Arab country will come to your aid, they hate the Egyptians more than anyone...They have been your colonial masters for 1,300 years!
Monday, January 3,2011 04:02
forever christian christian
I wonder what Cleric Al-Tayeb's thoughts are on muslims, Sunni and shiite,killing each other in Iraq? Islam is a religion of PEACE? you gotta be joking cleric. Have a reality check fast.
Monday, January 3,2011 10:04
Unjust Accusation Carlos Antonio Palad
Again and again Pope Benedict XVI and his Predecessor, John Paul II, denounced the violence in Iraq and have called for peace in that country, and the latter in particular condemned the invasion of Iraq. Apparently this is not enough for you. No, you want the Pope to be silent as defenseless and innocent Christians are killed with impunity all over the Middle East. And you wonder why so many Christians have hostile feelings towards Islam?
Monday, January 3,2011 14:35
anne smith
peace - we all want it, but there is obvious confusion on how to attain it. there are so many muslims speaking out against terrorists and terrorism in all forms. this website has vehemently supported the Copts in this tragic crime against them on new year's eve and they are one of the few websites who speak out against so called muslim terrorism. yes, there are many evils done in the name of islam - but if we say that 'islam' is the cause of the problems, instead of saying that the behavior of some muslims is the cause, then we run the risk of being as blind in ignorance and hatred as the terrorists themselves.
Wednesday, January 5,2011 16:13
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