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Jordan Refutes IAF Fatwa over Afghan War
Jordan Refutes IAF Fatwa over Afghan War
A statement issued by the Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan was criticised by the Jordanian government who described it as ‘offensive’.
Monday, December 13,2010 23:46

A statement issued by the Islamic Action Front (IAF) in Jordan was criticised by the Jordanian government who described it
as ‘offensive’.

The MB offshoot issued a non binding edict barring Muslims from assisting US and NATO troops in Afghanistan where they
stressed sending troops to help NATO and America in Afghanistan or any other Muslim country is forbidden.

The government rejected the fatwa stressing it slighted the important role of armed forces in providing medical and
humanitarian aid to the Afghan people. It added that in turn it also helped preserve Jordan’s security and stability.

According to the IAF, the MB’s political arm, Muslims are not allowed to support non-Muslims in their aggression against
other Muslims and Afghanistan is a Muslim country.

A government spokesman, however, insisted that Jordan will persist in assisting all brothers, including the Afghan people, in
facing challenges. He added that such remarks were irresponsible and would tarnish Jordan’s role and the role of its armed

He asserted that "Jordan will do whatever it takes to protect it and protect Jordanians and their safety and security."

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