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MB chairman:“Our Reformist Work Continues”
MB chairman:“Our Reformist Work Continues”
Dr. Mohamed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed in his weekly letter that the work for reform continues, saying: “The love of the homeland is greater than the love of one’s self.”
Monday, December 13,2010 23:07

 Dr. Mohamed Badie, chairman of the Muslim Brotherhood (MB), stressed in his weekly letter that the work for reform continues, saying: “The love of the homeland is greater than the love of one’s self.”

He continued: “We commemorate the migration to Al-Medina, at a time when the whole world is living in a state of conflict, injustice and disorder due to being distant from right and justice. This world is still dreaming of peace and freedom, but how will it be achieved? Many governments and regimes are taking the opposite approach of their people and the super powers control the people applying double standards.”

Palestine, the land of Arabism and Islam is occupied by Zionists. Americans and their supporters occupy Iraq and Afghanistan and are spreading corruption while the people are fighting injustice and aggression.
He further pointed out: “There is a great lesson in migration for the love of the homeland. A country like Egypt makes us more dedicated to reforming it and exposing the corruption and corruptors in order to stop the looting of the country’s wealth.”

He added: “Our people should know that we will continue doing our work and we will not be hindered despite difficulties and injustice. The homeland and its people are dearer to us than ourselves and we sacrifice all we have for the prosperity and stability of our homeland.”

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