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Politicians: Egypt at the Crossroads
Politicians: Egypt at the Crossroads
After the run-offs, the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) was set to win about most of the seats in the parliament leaving almost only four seats for the leftist Tagammu party in Sunday's run-offs.
Wednesday, December 8,2010 11:22

 After the run-offs, the ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) was set to win about most of the seats in the parliament leaving almost only four seats for the leftist Tagammu party in Sunday's run-offs.

Commenting on the polls and its impact on the opposition, journalist Essam Sultan of the Kifaya Movement in his statement to "Ikhwanweb" said that he does not recognize the poll results, adding that "the current parliament is composed of appointed, not elected, NDP deputies". The whole world has witnessed the farce through which the Muslim Brotherhood and the Wafd Party boycotted the poll runoff and the resignation of three judges.
The Egyptian opposition must absorb the lesson and understand well what happened. Thus, we appeal to the opposition to take a unified stance towards the formation of a national front whose its primarily mission is to oust the current system.
Questioning whether or not , does the opposition still values the responsibility placed upon them, he answered that this ? This has beenwas demonstrated when by in the days with the MB and the Al-WWafd's decided sion to withdraw from thissuch farcical electione.
Karima El-Hefnawy, member of the National Association for Change, said to Ikhwanweb: "We are at a crossroads because what happened shows that the National Party is the dominatings power. Consequently, any elections to be held later, and all legislation based on it, are invalid because the national powers that participated in the polls or boycotted them, such as the MB and Al-the Wafd Party, must begin a new phase.
Dr. Essam El-Erian, a prominent Muslim Brotherhood leader, believes that Egypt is on the verge of disaster, commenting on the election, saying: "Tthe whole country is in a big trouble because the NDP landslide victory has madkes the whole country plunges into a deep disaster. Disappointing election results are not confined to losinge seats in parliament, but also to see the end of the political pluralism under the one-party system.
The next presidential elections have becomeare now worthless despite even though some politicians called on President Hosni Mubarak to use his constitutional powers to dissolve the new People’s Assembly, but I do not expect that will happen because the President does not differentiate between his position as head of the NDP and his position as Egypt's President. The absence of the judiciary the judicial overseeing ight over the entire electoral process and the Ppresident's reneging on his promise to hold free and fair polls, all of which ended the hopes of genuine opposition in the light of such blatant fraud."  

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