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State Security Officers Threaten family of former MB candidate
State Security Officers Threaten family of former MB candidate
Eldest daughter of MB MP, Magdi Ashour, said she is scared to be harassed by security forces engaged in different types of pressure.
Monday, December 6,2010 18:03

 Eldest daughter of MB MP candidate, Magdi Ashour, said she is scared to be harassed by security forces engaged in different types of pressure.
"My father arrived in Cairo half an hour before coming from Alexandria in the company of state security officers who arrested him and took him to Al-Marg police station," Mona said. She added that security forces exerted various types of pressure on her father to get him to participate in the runoffs in order to disunite the group's decision.
Mona added that the security forces surrounded the house while his supporters gathered around the police station.
"MB candidate, Magdy Ashour, denied allegations of his abduction by the MB, confirming in a testimony to the prosecution that he was not abducted by the group," Mona added. She also said that the Muslim Brotherhood did not commit such a crime and her father went on Thursday evening with three of his close friends to Alexandria's northern coast to escape the pressures exercised by police who insisted that he take part in the runoff. She also stated that state security officers told her father that the Minister of Interior had issued a decision that her father must contest in the run-off elections otherwise he would pass a resolution for the arrest of 300 of his supporters.


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